Long time no see!

Hello there.
I am slightly embarrased.

I didn't post anything for three whole months. School is definitely to blame, since senior year is never easy and I have to work quite hard to keep my grades up. Not that my grades are fantastic (far from that) but I am determined to graduate this summer and that will require some work.

Anyway, enough with the excuses. The reality is is that I have neglected this blog even though I was really excited to post reviews, updates etc.
As for now, I have made a list that is filled with ideas for this blog and I will (hopefully) be posting those one for one.
I'm forgetting something.

Hi new followers, welcome! It's so awesome to see that people are still willing to follow my blog even though there has not been a new post for 3 months. I'm gonna work hard to get this baby up again in hopes that my blog can grow even more and thank you all for sticking with me.


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