Music is the other part of me, the other thing that can always cheer me up and make me feel alive. I always have my iPod with me and whenever I have a few minutes off, whether it when I'm biking home or inbetween classes, I plug in my earphones and literally turn the music up.

My mood changes from day to day. On monday I'll be listening to happy rock music while tuesday you'll find me sobbing over sad love songs because I'm having one of those depressed days. 
Music describes my feelings and my character but it changes every single month. Of course the weather changes so I won't be listening to cheerful summer songs in the wintertime, but still. 
And when it comes to genres, I usually listen to a mix of rock, punk, acoustic pop and indie music. 

I have decided to put together a playlist every month, to share my favourite music of the moment with you and those will be uploaded here every new month.

Music Playlist: September 2013
In this playlist you will mainly find Ed Sheeran, Franz Ferdinand, Mumford & Sons and The Maine. Those are all artists that belong to my favourites-of-all-time-list, but the songs change quite a lot. Destine and Kensington are Dutch bands but definitely worth checking out, since they belong (and they should) to the top three of Dutch rock bands.

Music Playlist: October 2013.
Autumn is definitely here and that means that I'm drinking more tea than ever, school is getting even more on my nerves and my mood shifts from day to day. Luckily I have found some beautiful songs that will contribute to that warm autumn feeling that I adore so much.
I love autumn and therefore I'm always excited to go looking for some new music that will allow me to dream away while looking out a window, biking to school or simply while lying in bed.
Anyway, enjoy this month's playlist!

Music Playlist: November 2013.

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