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As you probably already know, my name Laurien. I was born and raised in the Netherlands  and I am currently still in high school. 2014 will be my senior year and hopefully I will graduate this summer.
I am seventeen years old, a big fan of reading (obviously) and a bit weird.
Two of my big characteristics are my wonderful and fuzzy curls and the fact that I often have a book in my hands. Hence the title..

My dream is to study English and that is also my plan for after I have graduated from high school. I am attracted to this language in a way that I, myself, don't even understand.

I have been a book person all my life, or at least as far as I can remember. My sister and I used to go to our local library and pick up ten books to bring home. They were all in Dutch. The moment I started reading my books in English was when my sister ordered English books from the internet (she is two years older than me). I secretely stole them from her room and read them in my own bed. Ever since then I have been buying books in English, or better said collecting them, and over the past year I have become more and more interested in books, literature and the English language.

My favourite genres are Young Adult, Fantasy, Dystopian novels, Contemporary, Historical Fiction and Classics. I am a big Jane Austen fan, I am really interested in the literature written in the 18th - 19th century and I spend too much money on books.

Do I have other hobbies? Yes. Music is a big part of my life, even though I don't play an instrument. I have fallen in love with the sound of an acoustic guitar and I mostly listen to rock music. Some of my favourite bands are Mumford & Sons, Destine (Dutch band, go check them out), Imagine Dragons, Royal Republic, Rise Against, Aerosmith, The Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Franz Ferdinand and Editors.
You can wake me up for Ed Sheeran any time you'd like and We The Kings is my guilty pleasure.

I watch too many YouTube videos, I have been a true follower of CTFxC for the past year and I am a true nerdfighter.

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