My first blogpost on the internet: an introduction.

My name is Laurien, I turned seventeen on July 3rd and I have been a booklover all my life. Ever since I was little, my sister and I would go to our local library and pick up around ten books each and bring them home. That is kind of where my book addiction started. I loved reading about different situations and being able to get sucked into an unfamiliar place, then staying there for a couple of hours, before being thrown back into reality and I would end up thinking about the book several days after finishing it.

Now that I am seventeen years old and a bit more mature (I hope), I read all of my books in English. I started reading English books when I was around fifteen years old, credits to my sister for buying English books, and have become addicted ever since. I mostly read Young Adult, dystopian, fantasy, contemporary romance and classics.
I am a Jane Austen admirer and a true nerdfighter. I watch CTFxC videos on YouTube, I follow too many BookTubers and I spend a huge amount of my money on books. Therefore I am also really proud of my continuously growing bookshelf.

The English language is something that fascinates me every single day. People look at me in a weird way when I tell them that I think in English, but that is actually the truth. It's a beautiful thing to me and that is why I am planning on studying English after I get my high school diploma next year (summer of 2014).

Things you will be seeing here? Book reviews, tags, hauls, personal updates, new releases and other things that you would expect to be seeing on a book blog.

This introduction is already way too long, so thank you, welcome and I hope this blogging thing works out.

Lots of love,


  1. Jaaaaaaa!
    Je blog ziet er mooi uit hoor, ik ben erg benieuwd! :D

    1. Hihi, dankje! Ik ben zelf ook benieuwd hoe het gaat :')


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