Collective haul: September 2013.

Yes, it is already october 9th and there is only one bookish thing in it, but hey, who doesn't love spending money?
This is more of a collective haul, since I didn't buy all of these things in one day, but it wasn't enough to show in seperate hauls so here it is in one.

Shopping is something I like to do, especially when I actually have money to spend and don't have to walk around like a broke person, but it's also fun to do with friends and when the sun is shining and the music playing. Because that is kind of what happened on september 29th. It was a sunday and for once, all the stores in my city were opened.
I went with one of my best friends and we had a lovely afternoon. It was pretty warm outside, the sun was shining and the sky was clear blue. There was a market going on and lots of people crawled out of their houses to enjoy the atmosphere and the last bits and pieces of summer.

Anyway, I had fun and I bought only a few things that day, including underwear which I am not going to show you, and some other stuff.
Keep reading if you're curious to see what I've bought!

Shawls: Left is from C&A, right is from Etos. 
Autumn has started and the weather here in Holland tends to change dramatically within 24 hours. It gets way colder in the mornings, when I have to go to school, and a shawl becomes a necessity. My collection of shawls is pretty big, I just love walking around in winter with a knitted shawl around my neck to keep me warm. Plus it's a good hiding spot for when you don't feel like talking or being social. Yup. 
The colour from the one on the left isn't exactly showing up on camera as it should be, the camera gives it a blue-ish colour but it's green. Like the colour of a christmas tree. 

Boots from H&M
Then these lovelies. I've had them for a month now, ordered them online and they came in three days later. They are made from fake (is that how you call it?) su├Ęde and super soft on the inside. They're also perfect for winter because they keep my feet warm and I don't want to only wear Uggs during the period with snow and minus ten degrees. 

Bag from Koperen Tuin (or BlossomBooks). 
Do you guys remember my other book bag? (x) Well guess what, I GOT A NEW ONE. As you can see, this says 'I got 99 problems but a book ain't one'. It's perfect. Purrrrrrfect. 

Mirror from Xenos.
You can see my feet in the mirror. Oh well. I got this one because I needed a new one. What a reason. I always do my makeup at my desk and before this one I was using a smaller one without a stand and I had to put it on top of a small bucket and dictionaries.. Not the most convenient thing. 
So I bought this one. It's pretty and useful. 

So that was it! Not much, like I said, but it's good and pretty and useful and I just like spending money. 
Thanks for reading!


Dank je wel voor het reageren! :)