A Bookish Wishlist.

Just like every other bookworm, I have a wish list that will probably never stop growing. There are so many books that still need to be read and almost every day a new book is released into the public. We will pick it up and hunt it until it is ours. I have put together a top ten of books that I really, really do want to see standing on my bookshelf within the next two weeks.

While preparing this blog post, I went to my GoodReads, searched for my wish list and compared it to my wish list that I have on Amazon. This is my 'I-need-to-have-these-books-or-I-will-not-survive' list:

  1. The Archived by Victoria Schwab.
    I have died a few times while hearing people talking about this book. It's a fantasy novel and everything about it, such as the title, the cover and the summary, makes me want this book more and more. It is about a young girl called Mackenzie, she is sixteen years old and a Keeper in the Archive, where dead people (Histories) are stored and her job is to make sure they don't escape. Find it on GR
  2. Requiem by Lauren Oliver. 
    I have read and I own the first two books in this series, Delirium and Pandemonioum, and I can't wait to finish this series and find out what the hell happens with Alex, Lena and Julian. This is because Lauren did a good job at leaving us hanging at the end of Pandemonium when Alex finally returns and it caused so many feelings, UGH. So yes, excited for that one! Find it on GR.
  3. Where She Went by Gayle Forman.
    This is the sequel to If I Stay and I loved that book. It's a contemporary novel and it's about a girl named Mia who got into an accident (this happens in If I stay) and she had to choose between life or death. At the end of If I Stay, Mia and her boyfriend Adam split up and they start living their seperate lives. In Where She Went, they meet again in NYC and try to get their relationship back on track. Written in Adam's perspective and it will propably make me bawl my eyes out. Find it on GR
  4. Cinder by Marissa Meyer. 
    This is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles series, it's a YA / fantasy novel and a fairytale retelling. I think everyone who is up to date when it comes to books, will know this one. The main character is Cinder, she is a cyborg and raised by her evil stepmother. Of course she has a stepsister and when she falls for Prince Kai, all hell breaks loose. I am excited for this book because I love retellings and I am curious to see how Marissa took on Cinder's character. Find it on GR
  5. City of Glass (3rd book), City of Fallen Angels (4th book) and City of Lost Souls (5th book) by Cassandra Clare.
    So. The Mortal Instruments. I have fallen in love with the world of the shadowhunters and there is no way that I am not going to get my hands on the rest of the books that belong to this series.
    Clary is an ordinary girl from New Yok City, except for the fact that she can see certain things that others can't see. One night, while going out, Clary sees three people murdering a guy. She is the only one in the room who can see them and that is how she finds out that she is a shadowhunter, made for chasing and killing demons. Now these books are sexy. Go check them out if I haven't convinced you yet. Find them on GR.
  6. The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare. 
    This series is the prequel to The Mortal Instruments series and it explains the background of the shadowhunters a bit better, but you can still read TMI books without having read TID. The characters in TID series are different than those from TMI so it's new and exciting and I want to find out more about the shadowhunter world, so that is why I will hopefully be reading these soon. Find them on GR.  
  7. All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill. 
    I found out about this book because someone on BookTube mentioned it in a video and it kind of is the same idea as The Hunger Games trilogy, which I like, so I am just curious to see what this is about. The story follows Em and Finn, who are kept in a cold cell by The Doctor who wants something from them. Em thinks that she is never going to get out of there until she finds a small note, coming from her future self. And to change the future, she has to kill Finn, the guy she has learned to love. Find it on GR
  8. Tess of the d'Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy. 
    I have really been into classics lately and this just seems like the perfect story for me. Tess is a new kind of heroine, who leaves her home to go on a journey where she meets the cruel Alec d'Uberville. This is not a warm, happy and feel-good romance, it portrays the society of the 19th century and everything that was wrong about it. I just really want to get to know Tess' character and Hardy's writing style, so that is why I included it here. Find it on GR
  9. The Vampire Academy series by Rachelle Mead. 
    I am a shameless fan of the Twilight books and that love will never go away, and therefore I am still interested in reading vampire stories. It's about an institute, St. Vladimir's Academy, where vampires are taught to protect themselves in and around the normal world. Rose is a Damphir and her best friend's bodyguard. Lissa is a Vampire Princess and after an attempt of running away, they have to return to the Academy where they will be in more danger than they have ever been. Find them on GR.
  10. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. 
    Last but not least, a sweet and romantic and innocent contemporary novel. Anna can't wait for her senior year to begin, when suddenly she is send off to boarding school in France, where she meets the handsome √Čtienne. One small detail: √Čtienne already has a girlfriend. Will one year in the romantic country of France and the City of Light change their relationship and will Anna get her French kiss she has been waiting for? So many people have already this book and my sister has it on her bookshelf but I just want to have it myself because I'm pretty sure I will love it and read it again. Find it on GR
Do you have any books on your wish list that you really want to have and be able to hold and adore and then read? :)

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  1. Jaaaaaa Requiem en Cinder wil ik ook nog hebben. Anna & The French Kiss en The Infernal Devices heb ik al :D


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