Favourite movies of all time.

Movies. If it's a good one, it's another way to escape the real world and live a completely different life.
My favourite genres would be fantasy, action, sci-fi or a romantic comedy. Cry movies are also a good option, but only if I feel like bawling my eyes out and if there is no one to interrupt me because it could get quite embarrassing.
All right, time for some serious business.

1. The Star Trek movies. I adore everything Star Trek and after watching the newest one, I have officially become addicted. Everything about it is pure genius. There is nothing elso to say.
2. Lord of The Rings. Have been a fan of these for quite a while, I love the fantasy and the effects and the story and the amazing characters.. Gosh, they're just amazing.
3. The Hobbit. I saw this one in the cinema with one of my best friends and I was just blown away. The special effects, the portaying of the world.. And of course Martin Freeman. Perfect.
4. Alice in Wonderland. A bit different than the previous three, but just as awesome. It's a great adaption and Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway all belong to my list of favourite actors.

5. Harry Potter. Of course, Harry Potter. Grew up with them, still love them to death and there is no way that I won't be showing these to my kids. I'm in Ravenclaw by the way, which suits me perfectly.
6. Notting Hill. Hugh Grant, you are adorable. Julia Roberts, you are genius. Perfect movie for a cozy night in and the fact that it takes place in England makes it all even better. Go watch it, if you haven't yet.
7. Dirty Dancing. Patrick Swayze, what are you doing to me. This movie is sexy and cute and romantic and perfect. I love the settings and the dancing and again, Patrick. If only he had still been alive.. I am not a fan of the second Dirty Dancing, by the way.
8. The Holiday. Last but not least, my favourite Christmas movie. All four main characters and therfore actors are just amazing and perfect for the role and once again England and cuteness and I just want to live with them all.

So these are eight of my all time favourite movies. I have quite a few more, including The King's Speech, The Twilight Saga (don't blame me), Letters to Julliet and Remember Me but those will be discussed in a following favourites.

What is your favourite movie of all time?

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