Liebster Award nomination!

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by the awesome Irene from Icequeen's Bookshelf, and was super surprised about it!

For those who are unfamiliar with the Liebster Award; It's about giving bloggers with less than 200 followers some new attention. It's also a great way to find new blogs and meet other awesome people.

So I was nominated and therefore I have to answer some questions, which I will happily do. Here are the answers:

1. What makes your blog unique? 
I have only just started this blog and I am trying to make as much 'me' as possible. I think of my blog as an extra piece of myself, something that is more difficult to discover in normal conversations.

2. Why do you blog and what's your goal? 
I blog because I want to be able to share my thoughts on books, intellectual subjects and things that are happening around me.
It is easier to really express how I feel about book on a blog than in real life, because some people don't really understand. I'm not blaming them for not being able to relate, but it's easier to put everything on a virtual piece of paper.
And it's fun. It's so much fun to see your blog grow slowly, and to look at it and know that every post is a small piece of myself.

My goal is to help other people finding good books, to support people to start reading, to be able to express my thoughts in a better way and to lead my blog to something special.
I'd like my blog to be something to be proud of, something I can share with others and something that is helpful to people who are not that familiar with books and who don't really know what to read.

3. Do you support literature from your country and what are some the authors from your country we would need to know about? 
I live in Holland, so I also have to read dutch books for school. I don't read dutch books for fun that often, so sometimes it's refreshing to read something in your own language.
I definitely do think that dutch is a beautiful but difficult language. It can sound really awesome when it's correctly pronounced and we have some pretty words here and there.
I do support dutch literature because we have quite a few great writers. Examples would be Harry Mulisch, Tessa de Loo, Willem Elsschot and Arthur Japin.
They all have some great books and a good writing style. Some dutch authors tend to be either really boring or exaggarating.

4. What book have you read  so many times that you lost count? 
Harry Potter, the Twilight books, a dutch book of which I can't remember the title anymore and Pride and Prejudice.
I read Twilight when I was younger, around 15, I haven't picked them up in the last year.
And Pride and Prejudice is just perfect with the admirable Mr. Darcy, the hilarious Mr. Collins and the beaverhead Wickham.
Ooh... (and away she dreams..) 

5. Where do you like to read? (If you want you can include a pic of your reading spot) 
Either in my bed or in a lounge seat in my livingroom. Preferably with a blanket, a cup of coffee (or cinnamon/apple tea), and the world around me silent.

6. Do you have any advice for new bloggers? 
Since my blog is only 1.5 weeks old, I would say; be yourself. There is nothing better than a fresh and personal opinion and that is the way people get to know you. If you pretend to be someone else, you can never be fully honest about who you are and what you think. You will always have to hold something back and since a blog is an extra piece of yourself, it wouldn't be honest.

7. What is your favourite book-turn-into-movie and why? 
Gosh. Harry Potter, obviously. I am also a big fan of the Pride and Prejudice movie / series, those should definitely be seen more often.
Harry Potter doesn't need an explanation. The filmmakers and Joanne herself did an amazing job on casting the people and I can't help but use Emma's own quote: Daniel was and will always be the perfect Harry.
Also Pride and Prejudice because both the movie (2007) and the BBC series (1995) are perfectly filmed, casted and portrayed and the story and settings will always belong to my favourites.

8. You are sitting in a bar and your favourite author walks into the bar, what would you ask him/her? Let me think about that one..
How about; how does your brain exactly work to be able to come up with such amazing books?
If I run into one of my favourite authors, I would be so honoured. I like to write stuff down but to write as amazing as them, is something I would never be able to do.
I would probably also stare at them with my mouth wide open, then steal their phone and look up their phonenumber and stalk them for the rest of their lives.
Joke, I would only add myself to their family.

9. Which genre do you prefer to review and why? 
Young Adult, because those are the books I read most often and can relate to the most. I love dystopian novels, historical fiction or fantasy.
But also contemporary and classics. I like all sorts of books, but it really depends on what I am reading or what I can get my hands on. I am interested in so many subjects that it can sometimes be pretty difficult to pick out a book.

10. Have you ever travelled outside the country you are from? Which countries did you visit? 
I love traveling. Everything about it; meeting new people, seeing new places, learning about different cultures..
I have been to France, Belgium, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland and I am going to America next year!
I went on a 'road trip' to Turkey this summer, with one of my best friends, and it was the best holiday ever. I went without my parents, to an unfamiliar country with an unfamiliar language and an unfamiliar culture.
We stayed with friends and family and they were the most amazing people I have ever met. They were sweet, very welcoming and they took us everywhere.
We stayed in Gölcük (close to Istanbul), Ankara, Cirali (close to Antalya) and Agva. We flew back and forth and also traveled by car.
It was an amazing experience and my favourite holiday so far.

The next rule of the Liebster Award is that I have to nominate ten other bloggers for the Liebster Award and let them know that I nominated them. That post will be up tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Every small bookblogger that I know has already been nominated for a Liebster Award, so I couldn't come up with one. Goodluck to everyone who has been nominated and I hope that everyone can either get some new followers or discover new and amazing blogs!

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