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I saw this tags at Adorablebooks  and immediately wanted to take it on myself. When I first started collecting books, I was super careful with not breaking the spine or folding corners or getting stuff on it. And then I fell in love with the look of an old, secondhand book. Broken spines, folded corners and yellow pages made the book look read and loved and appreciated.

Don't think that whenever I buy a new book, I immediately break the spine and leave it in the rain and start folding corners.. It's just that I am not that careful anymore and I don't really care if the spine breaks. Unless the spine is really pretty, that is when I will be careful.
Keep reading to find out how I treat my beloved books!

1. Do you break the spines or prefer to keep your books looking like new?
I like my books when they look like I just bought them from a bookstore, but I also like the classic read look. I don't mind a break in the spine, but it depends on how beautiful (spines can be beautiful you know) the spine is and what kind of book it is.

2. For those who don’t like broken spines, have you ever accidentally broken one?
I have this annoying habit of keeping a finger on the spine, so I can feel when I'm bending my book to far. I have broken the spine of one of my Twilight paperbacks, I believe Breaking Dawn, but I don't mind because it is my favourite out of the four.

3. If you’re buying a used book and the spine is broken, how do you feel about it?
I don't care because that's something you can expect when buying a used book. I went to Amsterdam this summer and found an old copy of Wuthering Heights. The spine was broken, corners were folded and the pages were yellow, but I absolutely loved it and the smell of the book was even better.

4. Do you agree or disagree with the opinion some people have on “broken spines means that a book is well loved”?
Yes, definitely. I think that, especially when you have an old copy, the spine should be broken. To me, it means that someone appreciated the book and read it and most likely gave it to other people to read it.

5. Because the spines on hardback books cannot visibly break, do you prefer buying hardback books over paperback books?
Nope, because I live in Holland and English books are not that cheap over here. Paperbacks are already pretty expensive and since I am just a poor student, I mostly buy paperbacks.

6. Aside from breaking spines, do you ever bend the corner of a page if you do not have a bookmark nearby?
Again no, because I have a pretty good memory and if I know that I won't remember the page number, I'll go to my Goodreads and update my status, haha. Oh the technology..

7. Anything else to say about your spined obsessions, and who are you going to tag?
I feel like I am kind of weird because I like my books to look new and pretty, but I also like them to look old, broken, loved and still pretty. It really depends on what kind of book it is, how much I love the book and how much I've paid for it.

Those are my answers, I hope you liked them and that you can relate in some way because I feel like I still have two different opinions, haha.
Do you scream out loud when you find out that you have broken a spine?

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