Three non-book-related favourites: September.

It seems as if each month, my mood changes and all of the sudden I become addicted to certain products that I own. And of course in September, the month in which the weather in Holland changes dramatically and the autumn sets in, I have come up with three favourites of the month.

Bath and Body Works Mini Candle.
Meet my mini candle from Bath and Body Works. My sister and mom went to NYC in May and I asked them to bring back some of these for me. This is the scent Watermelon Lemonade and it smells like heaven. It's a fresh, but warm and sweet scent at the same time. 
I usually light it and then leave it on for about half an hour then blow it out for the scent to spread even better. I have fallen in love with these candles and I'll definitely be buying more when I'm going to NYC next year. 

This is my beloved bag that I bought last week or so. They were selling them at a local bookstore and I found out about them through a friend, whose mom owns the store. I figured it was pretty accurate and totally me and it was a steal, so it is no surprise that this is my new best friend. 

Skull necklace - a store in Ankara.
"SILENCE! I KILL YOU!" - Achmed the Dead Terrorist. (x)
This is my precious little skull that I wear almost every day. And because it is so tiny, it is very subtle. And because it's very subtle, it's very cute. I bought this necklace when I was on holiday in Turkey this summer and it's just adorable. 

So yes, three favourites of the month. I don't think that three will be the ongoing number in these posts, maybe I will have four or five next month, who knows. 
Do you have any favourite jewelry or specific products, besides books, that you have fallen in love with this month?

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