Update: My 2013 Reading Challenge.

2013 Reading Challenge

For those who have an account on GoodReads, the annual reading challenge is a familar thing. You think of a number of books you would like to read, fill it in and tada; your challenge has been created.
I created a GR account somewhere in April this year and so I don't have all of my read books in the challenge, and my memory isn't good enough to remember every single book I have read, so it's not fully complete but that is fine with me.

Since April, I have now read 32 books and I am halfway through my 33rd book (City of Glass, TMI). I have set a goal of 40 books, which I will hopefully cross. I am secretly hoping I can get to 45 books, but I'd rather complete my reading challenge than missing one or two books because I was too stubborn and changed it.

These are (almost) all of the books I have read so far:

As you can see, I have read YA books, dutch literature, English Adults, classics and contemporary novels. The dutch books are mainly for school, we have to read a total of twelve books before February this year. I have an oral exam at the end of this year (senior year) about dutch literature and the books I have read. Pretty nerve-racking.

I think 32 books is a nice amount for now, but it could always be higher. And therefore I am trying to make it to 45 books, but that with school and work in between, I am not so sure if that is going to work out.
We'll see.

How many books have you read so far and what is your goal?


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