I planned a trip: London!

I am going to London in May of 2014! Why? My mom always said that after our exams (I have an older sister and a younger brother) we could pick a destination and she would take us there for a week.
My sister went on her trip this year, she chose New York, and now it is my turn.
I should be graduating from High School next year which is pretty exciting, but also rather frightning.

Back to the trip. My first choice was New York City. It's in America, it's a gigantic city, it's spectacular and completely different than what I am used to.
But then I started thinking about the money I have been saving and the amount of money I was going to need for college etc. A trip to New York, especially when you are a teenager, can get pretty expensive. Flight tickets are between 500 and 600 euros and if I would add up the costs for sightseeing, the underground and what I will be spending there, I would end up with spending around a 1000 euros.

And that is quite a lot of money.
So then I started thinking. I love England, I've only been there once and I want to see more of London. America doesn't attract me as much as England does. There is something about the English atmosphere that I seem to like better..
So then London came up. Flight tickets are between 100 and 200 euros, we'll be staying in a hotel and I'll be able to spend more money on clothes and books and makeup..

The trip is still pretty far away, I'll have to take my exams first (can't I just get my diploma already..) but I'm excited!
London is fun and beautiful and amazing and it's the first time for my mom to visit London so I'll be able to show her around a bit and it'll be fun.

Updates will be up when the trip comes closer, such as what our plans are, wishlists etc.
Are you planning any trips for this or next year?


  1. London is an amazing city! I fell in love with it! Enjoy!

    1. It definitely is. Fell in love with it as well, and it's even more fun to show it to someone who has never been there before.
      Thank you! :D


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