Wrap Up: September.

September was an 'okay' reading month. Due to school and things that happened in my personal life, I didn't get much reading done. I have read two dutch books, both for school so they are not that exciting. The others are mostly books from a series. I'm pretty sure I'll be reading more standalones next month and my October TBR will be more exciting. Yes. I hope.
But I got some new books, which I am really excited for, and hopefully I can find some more time for reading. Right now I am reading 'City of Fallen Angels' by Cassandra Clare, but I don't think I can finish that before the end of september.

Let's get to the books!
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief & Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters. I bought this entire series online and have read two of them so far. They were pretty good, I just really enjoy learning more about the Greek myths and how Percy and his friends are a part of it. It's not written in a cheesy or childish way, it's fun and a quick read as well. It seems as if I flew through both of the books. My plan was to finish the entire series this month, but because of my newest book haul, I got a bit distracted.. 
Oh well, I'm sure I'll be reading the others soon. 
Emma by Jane Austen is one I read as research for my final paper for school, which is about Jane Austen. I just loved it, just like every other book by the lovely Jane.

The Mortal Instruments. After raving about them in an earlier post, there is not much more that need to be said. I am thoroughly enjoying this series, loved City of Glass and starting the fourth one tonight. 
Sapphire Blue is the second in the Ruby Red trilogy. the story revolves around time traveling from our modern society to England in the earlier centuries. Awesome series, can't wait to read the last one. Review of this one will be up somewhere next week. 
     Het Leven Is Vurrukkulluk          
The first two are dutch literature, the first one is called 'De Aanslag' in dutch and it was okay. It takes place after the Second Worldwar but it's not that special. The second one, Het leven is verrukkulluk, is very simply written, an easy read and also not that special. I have to read them though for dutch classes, so that is why they're on this list. 
A Million Suns & Shades of Earth are the second and third book in the Across the Universe series. A full review of all three of them is coming up pretty soon!


  1. Great reads! I hope you'll enjoy your October reads more ;)

    1. I surely do hope so. Got some awesome new books on my shelf, that are desperately waiting to be read.. :))


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