My Week In Pictures #1 - October 2013.

After watching all the weekly pictures from the bloggers I follow, I decided to get myself into this thing and post my weekly Instagram pictures as well. 
I'm not sure whether I will post them every week, because my life isn't that exciting and testweek is coming up, which means I'll probably be doing nothing but studying. 
Oh well. 
This week I had a week off, with a planning that said 'Get studying! Get studying!', but unfortunately I got a bit of a social life and I ended up doing.. other things. 
Anyway, I enjoyed this week and I do know that I seriously need to dive into my schoolbooks if I want to pass my exams this year, but that is something for upcoming week. 
Let's get to the pictures!

Tuesday october 15th. 
I went shopping with my mom and sister and these are three of the items that I bought. First up is my awesome christmas sweater from Primark, which has a gigantic red nose and eyes. I am in love. 
The statement necklaces are pretty cool aswell, I've already worn both of them and they look pretty with almost everything. Other things that I bought that day are two cardigans, two t-shirts and socks. 

Thursday october 17th. 
After wednesday, a day which I would label as 'lazyday', Thursday came around. I was going to a lecture in Middelburg with one of my best friends, but before that lecture started, we had some spare time. And what do you do when you have some free time? Exactly, visiting the bookstore. 
I found this beautiful copy of Persuasion by Jane Austen and the ah-mazing hardcover of The Prisoner of Azkaban. I know that quite a few people own this and I am just jealous. I was broke so I had to leave it behind, but with an aching pain in my heart. 
The last picture represents a new Tony's Chocolate bar, with cinnamon, coconut and almond. De-li-cious. 

Friday october 18th
Friday was one hell of a busy day! First I had to work four hours and for the first time ever, I overslept. That's right, my alarmclock went off the minute I had to start working. Not the best beginning of the day.
Then I went to my horse, had a lovely afternoon there, hurried back home and got dressed because I had to leave again. I ate dinner at one of my best friend's house and that is where the first picture comes in. We decided to take some beautiful bathroom selfies and this one turned out pretty cute. 
We went to Spectra, a music event near where I live. We, as a group, have quite some friends who play in bands and the guys in the picture in the middle were performing that day. It's a competition and they won both prices, the one from the judges and the audience. 
The third picture represents the special act of the evening; Soul Sister Dance Revolution. Go check them out, they were absolutely incredible. 

Saturday october 19th / Sunday october 20th
I got my books saturday, they arrived in a beautiful box and I am happy again. The only problem now is the fact that my bookshelves are full so I need another one. For now I have stacked almost twenty books on top of the others and I don't like it that way. They deserve to be on a bookshelf, right? 
Sunday we went to visit my grandparents, which is a three hour drive back and forth, so six hours in total. Quite the ride, but I'm always happy to see my grandparents again since they do live a bit further away (our fault though, we moved). 

So yes, that's it! I did actually study this week though, just didn't take any pictures of it. I have six tests coming up which are all important and I'm already nervous for them, but I hope it'll all work out. 
How was your week?

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