I got a new bookshelf!

After telling my dad day after day that I really did need a new bookshelf because the other one was getting too heavy with all the books on it, he finally bought a shelf and hung it above my other shelf. .
I know that most people have a bookcase, but since I have no more space in my bedroom, I decided to go for another hanging shelf.
It's about 2 metres long and as you can see, I still have quite some space left now. Such a perfect reason for buying more books.. Who will support me by giving me some money?

I decided to arrange my books by genre, to create some sort of a logical overview. On the bottom shelf I now have my dystopian / fantasy books and some space for my Harry Potter books, which I'm gonna order hopefully somewhere next week.

On the second shelf I started out with my classics. I just love all of them and hopefully that stack of black Wordsworth Classics will grow and I'll be able to find some more secondhand Penguin classics..
Then I have my contemporary novels, not in any specific order. Well, you could say the difference in height is an order, but hey, let's not take it too far.
And then I have The Host and Breaking Dawn, both by Stephenie Meyer, in english. Not sure why they're there but whatever. And next to those are my dutch books, including The Night Circus, the first two books in the Caster Chronicles series and three Harry Potter books.
I also have the Twilight series in dutch on another shelf and I'm thinking about moving them over here, but I'm not sure yet. Oh well.

I am quite liking the way my books look now, but it also looks rather empty. I can't wait to slowly (or quickly, let's be honest) fill those spaces with more books until I need another new shelf.

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