Best of YA event: Meeting Lauren Kate!

This past friday the Best of YA event took place in the wonderful Amsterdam. I went with my sister, Lilian from, her sister and our friend Kim and we had an amazing evening.
We left around 4PM, drove to Delft to pick up Kim and then headed straight for Amsterdam.
We were there around 7.30 PM, got some nasty sandwiches as dinner and went to the place where the event would take place.
Not long after we arrived, Lauren Kate herself arrived in a cab! The event itself started around 8:30 PM, so we had some time to buy books, which were stalled out on a table. Pretty much everyone who came (around 100 people) went straight for the books and I managed to buy the third and fourth book in the Fallen series; Passion and Rapture. Lauren's new book Teardrop was also available, but it was a bit expensive and I was planning on ordering it on amazon anyway.

And then Lauren Kate entered the room! She first read the prologue of Teardrop, which was absolutely beautiful, and then we had the chance of asking some questions. She was really nice and funny and completely honest with us, which was pretty cool. She seemed to be very down to earth and even a bit shy.
I got overwhelmed after half an hour because we were all packed into a small room with over a hundred people, it was hot and I didn't eat that much.. Which resulted into me almost fainting in front of Lauren Kate.
I quickly sat down on the ground, ate and drank something and everything was fine again.

When the Q&A was over, we had to wait for around 45 minutes while Lauren Kate started signing books. Our drive home was around 2.5 hours, but we didn't mind waiting a bit longer. I had four books with me, two from home and the two I bought there and Lauren signed them all! She was so sweet and she didn't mind the fact that I gave her four books to sign, when most people only had one..
We also took a quick picture, I told her that I loved her books and she was just really sweet.

We got a goodiebag at the end, which was a nice surprise and then headed home after an amazing evening in Amsterdam.
Now let's see some pictures!

Meeting the amazing Lauren Kate. Fantastic experience!


Dank je wel voor het reageren! :)