Monthly Wrap Up: October 2013!

When we traded october for november last night, it really hit me that 2013 is coming to an end. We have two months left and then we will jump into another new year. That also got me thinking: 2014 means graduating and I will be making my exams in may, which is only 7 MONTHS AWAY. What!? I can't seem to grasp it, but it is the truth. In only a couple of months I will be sweating over my exams, hoping that I will graduate high school.
To be honest, I am quite scared of what is coming my way. There is still so much that I have to do and I'm not even sure if I'm ready for my exams. Looking back on my 6 years of high school, a smile appears on my face. But, I'm not there yet and I can always fail my exams and turn that 6 into 7 years, which is not something I want, but it is something that could happen. 
Anyway, when looking back on october there are two things that come to mind. First is school, because october has been a pretty busy school months, and the second would be that I did get around to reading quite a few books. 
So, without further ado, let's get to the books that I've read this october!
In the second week of october I had a week off, which was pretty awesome. I did some stuff for school, I made a spontaneous trip to Rotterdam to go shopping with my mom and sister, I attended a lecture, I went to a music event-ish evening and I read some books. 
And luckily, they all turned out to be pretty amazing.

First up are Anna and The French Kiss & Lola and The Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. They were both really amazing, liked Anna a bit better than Lola. Maybe it was because Lola's story took place in Paris.. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a fun and light contemporary novel and if you like Paris, you should definitely read Lola. 

Then I read City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare, which was shocking. That's all I have to say about that book. I have City of Lost Souls waiting for me but I'm kind of scared to read it because there will only be one book left after that one and I really don't want it to end. Problems. 

And then I read Cinder by Marissa Meyer! I posted a review of this book (find it here) and at first I had some trouble getting into the book because the setting was completely different and I was kind of confused with the characters, but that all faded when I got into it and I ended up quite liking it!

As for the fifth book, I read a book that will be for my dutch literature list for school and it's called Two Women (Twee vrouwen in dutch) by Harry Mulisch. It was a good book, very thin though, it only has around 150 pages. I was really enjoying it until there was one plottwist after another which left me speechless when I finished it. Oh well. I liked it, which is quite new when it comes to reading dutch literature.. 

Where She Went (If I Stay #2) by Gayle Forman was up next. I really really liked this book, especially because this time, the perspective was from a guy. If I Stay, which is the prequel to this one, was written in Mia's perspective and so it was really refreshing to read the story from Adam's POV. I really appreciated the way Gayle Forman placed Adam in society and the way he handled his emotions. Good prequel, definitely. 

And then last but not least I read Fallen & Torment by Lauren Kate. Despite the fact that I ahve read and heard quite a few negative reviews on these books, I quite liked them! Fallen might have been a bit better than Torment, but that might be because in Torment, Daniel got on my nerves. I liked the parts where Luce was on her own, discovering things and mingling with the Announcers, better than the parts where she was with Daniel. But I still enjoyed them and rated them 4 out of 5 stars on my Goodreads

So that means that I have read 8 books this month, which is not as bad as I had thought it would be. I have quite a few amazing books that I can read in november, which is exciting, but I'm also happy with the october wrap-up. I am planning on reading a bit more literature this month, but we'll see how that goes. 
Which books have you read this month?

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